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117+ Free Fire Name Ideas: Stylish, Cool, Funny Garena Free Fire Names

Free Fire Name – Free Fire is a popular shooting game giving tough competition to the other popular games such as Battle Royale, PUBG and all the other ones. The number of players of this game is in millions as the game serves exciting gameplay with rich graphics and realistic environment. The game is compatible with both, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can create your personal profile and can lead the game in your own style. We are here with the Free Fire Name Ideas which you can use to change your Nickname in the game.

Just like the PUBG game, Free Fire is the last man standing game where you will be landed on an unknown island with 50 other players. The last person who is still alive will be the winner and that’s what makes this game this much popular. It has got all the excitement of a real shooting game and you can feel it while playing it on a smartphone. It is completely free and doesn’t ask for any payments. However, you can buy power items and other things from the in-game purchases section. If You are a PUBG Player And Looking For Pubg name Ideas Then We also Have 100+ list of Pubg names.

In order to change your Nickname in the Free Fire game, you will have to spend diamonds. It requires you to spend 80 diamonds to change the Nickname in the game. The procedure is pretty straightforward and you can do so by following the basic steps given below:

Free Fire Name

How do I Change My Nickname on Free Fire?

Step 1:

Open the Free Fire game and tap on to your Nickname. You will see it on the front page of the game at the upper right corner.

Step 2:

You will see a Notebook Icon here, select this option in yellow color.

Step 3:

You will see a new window where you can add a new Nickname to your character. Just after entering a new nickname, the system will check for the availability of the recently entered nickname by you. If it is available, then the next page will be presented to you.

Step 4:

For the exchange of a new nickname, you will have to spend precious 80 diamonds from your pocket.

Diamonds in the Free Fire games are precious and they don’t come easily. You will have to do a lot of hard work to gain diamonds in the game. And just to change the name of the character, you might not want to waste these precious diamonds.

If you have decided to change the Free Fire Nickname and searching for the best ideas, then here we have enlisted some useful information for you.

Free Fire Name Ideas

Being the most popular shooting game on the mobile platform, Free Fire has created a great buzz across the gaming industry. There are plenty of apps developed by the developers to support this game. You can install these third-party apps to understand the concept of the games. Fortunately, some of the apps are there to guide you about changing the nickname. They also offer the best of ideas to have an eye-catchy nickname on the game. Just go to the respective store and search for the compatible apps, you will be presented with plenty of such apps.

Nobody wants to keep a boring or dull name on the game. You can search for the perfect nickname by using third-party websites as well. is the most popular website available for gamers who can search for a suitable nickname just by entering the name into the given window. Just enter the nickname and hit the enter button. The system will show you the available nicknames for the game.

Funny Free Fire Names

  1. Dickkpower
  2. Mitron
  3. Titsnball
  4. pappugandhi
  5. Dickfelt
  6. fekumodi
  7. mr.butt
  8. Krkjhantu
  9. mister love
  10. Osama bin laden

Best Names For Free Fire Squad

  1. ALpha
  2. ALFA
  3. HYDRA
  4. Soul
  5. Immortal
  6. Marvel
  7. Dark
  8. Zero
  9. TEN
  10. DP

Stylish Free Fire Names Ideas

  1. Çhócklåtÿ Bõÿ
  2. Qʋɘɘŋ Oʆ Boɭɗŋɘss ʆt-Dʌƴʌŋ
  3. ßãbÿ Ðøll
  4. ᒪᗩᗪKı ᗷəᗩᑌTıᑭᕼᑌᒪ
  5. Hɘɭɭ’ɓoƴ
  6. nαughtч kudı
  7. ßàbå ķî pŕîņćèx
  8. Aɭoŋɘ ɭovɘʀ
  9. Mujʜ’Pe-Lɩŋe Nʌ’Mʌʌʀo-Me Pʜʌsuŋʛɩ Nɩ’Loɭx
  10. Ởpeŋ Lɩởŋ-Tʜe’UŋɓeʌtʌɓLe FɩʛʜTệʀ’Ởŋ-Fɩɽe

Cool Free Fire Name 

  1. Sanskari
  2. PattaDevi
  3. NewtonKumar
  4. Panman
  5. pubgguru
  6. Captainyourname
  7. mkbmc
  8. bkl
  9. pakistankimkb
  10. paraboi

Good Free Fire Names

  1. TheRubberBandMa
  2. BigDaddyy
  3. milfhunterr
  4. Deadpooll
  5. death ghost

Free Fire Name For Girls

  • Çûtê ßâçhî
  • Maharani laxmi
  • CʜocʞʟʌTy Gııʀʟ
  • बन्दूकवाली
  • Pʀɩŋcɘsss
  • GiggleFlufff

Free Fire Names For Boys

  1. Pussykiller
  2. Nangadev
  3. foofaji
  4. tauji
  5. tanhaji
  6. veginakisser
  7. naagdevta

Once you find the suitable nickname from the website, copy the name and paste it to the game’s nickname window. This is the simplest way to grab a unique and catchy nickname for the character on the Free Fire game.

As noted above, to change the nickname, you have to spend diamonds. Let’s see how you can earn diamonds in the game first.

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How do I Earn Diamonds In Free Fire?

Free Fire game has a separate in-game purchase store from where you can purchase whatever you want. It is by far the simplest and easiest way to get diamonds in the game. If you don’t want to spend your money, then you will have to complete the daily challenges which will give you daily rewards. A special diamond event will also be there that lets you earn diamonds for free.

Alternatively, there are some third-party apps that let you use Japanese fonts and texts in the game’s nickname section. You can also use emojis in the name by installing the apps. All the instructions and guidelines will be provided to you from the app. Just search for the compatible apps from the official app store and get the suitable apps for the nickname in the game.

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